CLOUDY NIGHTS ASTRONOMY FORUM-Message boards to post and answer questions related to astronomy with people around the world. Sections for beginners, veterans, imaging, observing, equipment, off topic and more. It's free to register as a member and access many extras including making a post, uploading avatars, private messaging, automatic notification of responses and much more- definitely worth a look.

HEAVENS-ABOVE-Includes a variety of useful information including charts showing the current positions of all the planets and passing comets, times and coordinates for your location to see iridium flashes (sunlight reflecting off of man made satellites) that are sometimes brighter than -5 magnitude, and more. You can create a free account based on your location to access information, or you can go through the trouble of logging on anonymously each time and typing in your location information.

CURRENT MOON PHASE-For those times when the Moon has been burried behind clouds for so long that you're wondering what phase it's at right now. This information is good if you have a Moon viewing guide that is divided into sections relating to the different phases of the Moon showing relief that only shows up when illuminated from a certain angle.

EYEPIECE CALCULATOR-Using your telescope's focal length plus the eyepiece's focal length and apparent field of view, this calculator will tell you the magnification and the actual size of the portion of the sky visible through the eyepiece in degrees.

NASA OFFICIAL WEBSITE-Many items of interest including the latest space related news, details of present and past missions, NASA TV, taped and live coverage of some missions and more.